Important 4/8/2020 4:05:45 PM

Dear members!

The virus situation seems to be persistent, with further negative effects on the markets. We want to keep the LFC running so we can get through this period. We started 5 months ago and didn't have enough time to build a reserve of the right size. Steps:

1. Our portfolio is partially operational because we were NOT affected by the closing of Bitxtraffic, Adtokenz, Adfeedz, Adflow. Our portfolio is therefore still in operation but with lower performance. Therefore, it was necessary to reduce the daily profit.

2. No one has purchased ad package from external source for a week. This is not necessary for LFC to operate because we have our own resources (the portfolio). However, the commissions paid on adpack purchases from the internal balance can no longer be covered. We do not want commission fees to disadvantage those who do not have referrals.  
We have contacted the development team to change the commission system. Until the changeover occurs we will pay 1% commission on adpack purchases. If adpack purchases from an external source begin we will reinstate the commission for purchases from the internal balance.

3. Similarly to DFC we reduce the daily withdrawal limit to $100 / day. There are very few full accounts in the LFC, so this measure will not cause any serious confusion.

IMPORTANT: As you can see the withdrawals are ongoing even though no one is buying new ad packages. We have found some opportunities where we can strengthen our portfolio. If necessary I will use my own equity to ensure that the LFC continues to function. We will not let anyone lose their money. These measures are designed to help everyone get their money back together with profits (slower than expected).

Let the turtle be with you!