ANNOUNCEMENT! 3/15/2020 10:34:58 AM


Hello members!

The turtle retreats into its armor.
Due to the COVID19 epidemic, our portfolio production has undergone significant changes. MyPassiveTrades has announced that it will cease all sales and disable ad package production. Diversity-Fund's daily income declined by 40%. As two of the three strongest pillars in our portfolio (where we have 9800 investments in total) have experienced a severe decline, we are also forced to respond to changed circumstances.
We could keep previous plans for a while but that would be an undue risk to the LFC's long-term operation. We do not know how long the epidemic and the associated market uncertainty will last. We do not want to risk our members' capital for not responding appropriately to market changes. We will not burn your money! We must accept that an emergency has occurred! And in an emergency extraordinary decisions have to be made!
As a result, we are forced to reduce the daily redistribution by 40% for all packages. We hope that this measure will be sufficient for the LFC to survive the current period.
We ask our dear members to understand the situation. It is not up to us to deal with the situation, we are suffering! Don't worry about your capital! We will not stop, we will not disappear, payments will continue to be made (as before). We hope that stricter rules will no longer have to be introduced.

Promise that once we return to normal market conditions we will return to previous levels of income. If MyPassiveTrades packages restart we can increase daily income as well. Thank you for your understanding! Stay with us!

Have a nice day and the turtle be with you! blush