LFC IS 5 MONTHS OLD! 3/12/2020 3:07:51 PM


Hello members!

Well, yes, it now turns out which program is fraudulent and which program is real. This fall in the BTC exchange rate will drag some of the ponzi-scheme-based web pages. We are not among these. We thought ahead and created a dollar-based wallet earlier, where we sold BTC at a higher rate. What will happen now is simply to buy back bitcoin and adjust the exchange rate loss. Otherwise, LFC is half-invested in bitcoin and dollar-based investments, so there is no cause for concern.

The LFC has been running smoothly for 5 months. The balance between payouts and inflows is close to zero and can be found on the public portfolio page and at our payouts. The statement is not completely accurate as the portfolio is updated only once a week (last updated 3 days ago). Payments will be immediately displayed on the website.

There's only one thing I need to talk about. This is the Turtle wallet. I feel you don't trust it. Some of our members tried it for a smaller amount, but previous traffic was lost (which Coinpayments still had). Everybody who has used the Turtle Wallet has been credited with their deposit. You also see in Chat that we respond to any problem. Here and in the Help Center.

You do not have to worry about the current price drop because it does not (or only very little) affect our operation. I hope you are done by the end of the BTC fall and the buy option is ready.

Have a nice day and the turtle be with you! blush