Two months 12/14/2019 7:45:43 AM


The Lucrative-Fund website was launched two months ago. As you have experienced, all functions work perfectly smoothly. A month ago there was a minor bug in surf commercials  but we fixed it in time. In all cases, we made the withdrawals that day and will continue to do so in the future. Our portfolio has grown significantly over the past month and there will be another update today.
A few words about attendance. Here is our graph:


Our site rank today is 161586 and total visitor's number is 55511. These two numbers will surely increase and the latter will increase proportionally. That's why it's worth using our advertising credits.
You can help the program by sometimes clicking on one of our fixed ads on the website.

Please, read our FAQ and Terms of Service carefully as it contains a lot of useful information. We are constantly expanding our knowledge base.  Whenever you buy an Adpack, preferably use the "Advertisements" option as this will help the program run more efficiently.

Have a nice day and the turtle be with you! blush