Expanded investments 4/26/2020 8:19:59 AM

Dear members! Some news...

I would like to inform you that yesterday and today we have expanded our portfolio with new investments. We have invested in PassiveExpert (+ $200), Revsuptime (+ $400 - so it's already $1800 here), 8bit (+ $300 - so it's already $500 here) and CrystalClearFunds (+$200). In addition to these, Tim (my co-admin) also launched some other investments from his own funds that are not listed on our Portfolio page (otherwise crypto trading). This was the second step that will be followed by newer ones and these investments will serve to stabilize the LFC. From all of this, you can see that we are determined for the LFC to survive the economic hardships caused by the virus.
We plan to be able to raise daily yields soon. Several factors must be realized simultaneously to do this. We hope you trust us more and buy adpacks more boldly (because you know we won't go away). Our portfolio page will be updated soon.
Let the turtle be with you!